Annual Faculty and Staff Medical Examination


By undergoing a Medical Examination, unnoticed changes to your physical condition hopefully will be detected at an early stage. Thus, for your health and safety, we recommend you to undergo this medical examination.

Please note that RU faculty and staff members are obligated to take the medical exam once a year as Industrial Safety and Health Act, Act on Infectious Diseases Control, School Health and Safety Act and outlined in the Ritsumeikan Faculty and Staff Medical Examination Regulations.


Please choose one from options below.

Take the medical examination on campus
Reservation starts at 12:30 September 14 for male, 13 for female.
Faculty and Staff Annual Medical Examination (on Campus) Q&A Take the examination at an affiliate medical institution(2023.June -December) Substitution of new employee, pre/post-travel, comprehensive physical exam for medical exams(After April 1, 2023)

※If you took a comprehensive physical exam after April 1 2023, you may also substitute the results of those examinations for the annual medical examination results. Comprehensive Physical Exam

Breast Cancer Screening(2023. October-November)

Influenza vaccine

We have set up an opportunity receiving the vaccine at medical examination on campus. Please take advantage of this opportunity. Please fill in the questionnaire for influenza vaccine (yoshinhyo) that you can download from here and come to the medical examination venue for those from Suzaku Campus or to the On-Campus Medical Service Center for those from Kinugasa, BKC or OIC. This vaccine contains the following four types, A/H1N1, A/H3N2, B/Yamagata, and B/Victoria. Please check(1)~(4)

  1. 1You will answer the questionnaire and doctor will see you.
  2. 2If you are currently undergoing treatment for a chronic disease or pregnant, we recommend you to receive a flu shot by your own personal doctor. However, if you wish to receive this shot from a doctor at Ritsumeikan, please consult your own personal doctor first. Those who are pregnant need to consult your personal doctor.
  3. 3Those who are over 65 years old and those who are from 60 to 65 years old having disease such as heart, kidney, respiratory, or immune disease can get subsidization from municipality. Please check the municipal homepage for the detail. This system will not be accepted at Ritsumeikan Medical Service Center.
  4. 4The price (2,000 yen ※The price may change.) for those who have been vaccinated will be deducted from the salary. If you do not receive salary due to leave of absence, please pay in cash.

Purpose of use and handling of personal information in a medical examination

  1. 1To provide personal information such as name and date of birth to the outsourcing contractor for preparation of medical examination and reporting the results.
  2. 2In case a doctor/medical staff use the results of a medical examination for medical education or research, it will be used on condition of anonymity.
  3. 3To provide required data to Promotion and Mutual Aid Corporation for Private Schools of Japan if you are a subject of a specific medical examination.
  4. 4To report the notification required by law and statistics.
  5. 5To report the participation and the evaluation of a medical examination to a corporation.