Faculty and Staff Annual Medical Examination (on Campus) Q&A

1.The Medical Examination and who is it for?

Who is eligible to take the Medical Examination?▼
In general, the medical examination is for employees who are employed full time (Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health Article 44) at Ritsumeikan and in principle, who are members of Private School Mutual Aid as of May 1 of the year of the medical examination.

I am on leave. What should I do about the medical examination?▼
You are not required to take the medical examination, but if you would like to take one, please contact the Medical Service Center.

I recently took a medical examination, do I have to take another one?▼
If your previous medical examination was after April 1 this year (e.g. health check for employment; to be dispatched overseas etc.) you can substitute that for your annual one. If your medical examination was before then, you should take the annual medical examination.

Additionally, if your previous medical examination did not cover the list of legally required items you may be asked to undertake another one.
If you had a chest X-ray on or after April 1 this year, the chest X-ray can be omitted. However, please submit the X-ray image or medical certificate to the Medical Service Center.

Why do I have to take a medical examination?▼
Medical examinations are conducted to help us detect unnoticed changes to our health at an early stage. Please take it as part of your health management regime. Besides that, universities are places where a lot of people congregate, so please also take the medical examination to ensure that diseases do not spread.

Am I inconveniencing anyone if I don't take the medical examination?▼
Faculty and staff members are obligated to take the medical examination as outlined in the Industrial Safety and Health Law, the Infectious Diseases Control Law and School Health and Safety Act, and the Ritsumeikan Faculty and Staff Medical Examination Regulations. Based on the results of the medical examination, an industrial physician will judge whether you are fit enough to work and report to the Ritsumeikan Trust, Division of Human Resources. Without a medical examination or the submission of the results of a Comprehensive Physical Examination (ningen dock) this judgment cannot be made.

It is difficult for me to take a group medical examination or a medical examination under a pre-existing framework. What should I do?▼
Each such situation will be handled case by case, so please consult with the Medical Service Center.

How long will the medical examination take?▼
Approximately 1 hour.

2. Scheduling

The schedule for the campus I belong to doesn't suit. Can I have my medical examination at another campus?▼
Yes, you can. You will need a medical questionnaire and the distributed materials (urine and stool sample kits etc.) so please contact the Medical Service Center of the campus you belong as soon as possible.

The schedules for other campuses don't suit me either. What should I do?▼
Here are 2 options for the Faculty and Staff Medical Examination.See the details from this link.
Annual Faculty and Staff Medical Examination

3. Notification

Around when will we be notified about the medical examination?▼
Please check on the website.

A questionnaire and materials (urine and stool sample kits etc.) will be distributed to Suzaku/ Kinugasa - end September; OIC – mid October; BKC- early November.

Is it possible to be notified to my nickname?▼
Documents including the medical questionnaire and medical examination results will be addressed according to the information on your Health Insurance Card, but it is possible to use your nickname to label the envelope that we send information about the medical examination in and the name shown on the medical examination reservation page so please contact the Medical Service Center if you would like to request that.

4. Making a Reservation

I don't have a Ritsumeikan email address. Can I still make a reservation?▼
Please refer to the ID and password for the reservation system provided with the medical examination information.

I can't log into the reservation system.▼
Please refer to the reservation system manual.If you still cannot make a reservation, please contact the Medical Service Center on the campus to which you belong.

Can I change my reservation on the day of the medical examination?▼
Yes, you can. However, on the day of the medical examination you can only cancel your reservation via the reservation system so please contact the Medical Service Center to make the new reservation.

5. Regarding the actual examination

What does the medical examination screen for?▼
The items that are required by law are as follows:
1 A survey of your medical history and work activity history.
2 A survey into whether you have symptoms of something and your self-awareness of them.
3 Height (*), weight, abdominal measurements (*), sight and hearing
4 Chest X-ray (*) and sputum genetic test (*)
5 Blood Pressure
6 Anemia test, (hemoglobin content and red blood cell count) (*)
7 Liver Function Test (GOT, GPT, y-GTP) (*)
8 Blood Lipid Test (LDL Cholesterol, HDL Cholesterol, serum triglyceride) (*)
9 Blood Sugar Test (*)
10 Urine Test (checks whether there is sugar or proteins in your urine.)
(*) Can be skipped if judged permissible to do so by the doctor based on certain criteria.

At Ritsumeikan University, besides the test items required by law, we also conduct the following tests.
① Blood test (Serum total protein, ALP, LDH, non-HDL cholesterol, creatinine, eGFR, uric acid, HbA1c, leucocyte, Ht, platelet count)
② Stomach cancer risk level screening (ABCD Screening). Cancellation of this screening is possible via the reservation system.
【Eligible Persons】
・Persons aged 35 or older who joined Ritsumeikan after last year's medical examination.
・Persons who will be one of the ages below at the end of the academic year and who were classified in Group A in the past.
35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70 or 75 years old.
・If you were unable to have the examination when you were eligible, please inform us.
③ PSA Test (Prostate Specific Antigen). Cancellation of this screening is possible via the reservation system.
【Eligible Persons】・Males who will be 50 or older at the end of the academic year.
④ Colorectal cancer (fecal occult blood test)
【Eligible Persons】・People who will be 40 or older at the end of the academic year.
⑤ Breast Cancer Screening (A mamography and ultrasound are conducted in alternating years; no visual nor physical check conducted).
This check is optional and applications are required.
【Eligible Persons】・Females who will be 30 or older at the end of the academic year.

What does the test tell me?▼

I am unable to submit my urine sample on the day of my medical examination. What should I do?▼
Once the results of your medical examination arrive, please take them to the Medical Service Center. You can have your urine tested for no extra charge.

I am unable to submit a stool sample (for those 40 or over as of the last day of the academic year) on the day of my medical examination. What should I do?▼
If it is during the medical examination period you may submit your stool sample using the container previously provided.
If it is after the medical examination period the container for submitting your stool will change so please come to the Medical Service Center.

Can I just have the blood tests?▼
It is not possible to only take a portion of the tests. If you have recently taken a similar medical examination at a different medical institution please consult with the Medical Service Center.

Can I eat before my medical examination?▼
Yes, that is fine. Please inform the medical staff of your most recent meal when you have the examination.
The standard values for blood sugar and triglyceride measurements are based on blood tests taken on an empty stomach, but some diseases like Postprandial Hyperglycemia or Postprandial Hyperlipidemia cannot be detected from a fasting blood sugar exam.
Some diseases can be detected early by having a test 2 hours after eating.

I had a chest X-ray the other day, do I have to have another one?▼
If you had a chest X-ray at another institution on or after April 1, please submit the X-ray image or the medical certificate to the Medical Service Center. If you can submit the X-ray or medical certificate the chest X-ray can be omitted.

I may be pregnant, should I have a chest X-ray?▼
If your period is late, there is a chance that you are pregnant so please don't have a chest X-ray.
Once your period comes you can have a chest X-ray so please contact the Medical Service Center.
If it comes within one month of your medical examination, you can make a reservation to have a chest X-ray at an affiliated medical institution for no extra charge.

Is there anything I should do to prepare for my medical examination?▼
Please fill in the health questionnaire and take a urine sample. If you are 40 or over you should take two stool samples within five days of your examination.

Are there any tests that I can cancel?▼
The stomach cancer risk screening (ABCD exam) and the prostate cancer screening (PSA test) are not required by law and so cancellation is possible via the reservation system.

6. Breast Cancer Screening

What does the breast cancer screening entail?▼
Mammographies and ultrasounds are conducted in alternate years. A Clinical Breast Examination (visual and physical check) will not be conducted.
If you are under observation for preexisting issues it is important for your primary care doctor to conduct year to year comparisons of your condition.
If you have been previously diagnosed of some kind of pathology at another medical institution (a cyst, breast adenosis, fibroadenoma etc.) please undergo continued observation and a thorough examination at that institution.
As the above clinical examinations, ultrasound and such are conducted having taken into account the pathology, it is possible to compare the results to previous examinations and to have an even more in depth examination.

I would like to take the breast cancer screening without taking the medical examination. What should I do?▼
Please login to the reservation system and click on Breast Cancer Screening to make a reservation.

I chose not to have breast cancer screening through the reservation system, but I changed my mind and would like to have it after all.
The reservation button has disappeared. What should I do?▼
This requires work to be done on the reservation system, so please contact the Medical Service Center.

Can I have a breast cancer examination while I am lactating?▼
While you can have breast cancer screening while lactating, it can be difficult to obtain accurate results.

How are the results of breast cancer screening given to us?▼
The results will be sent to the address stipulated on your medical questionnaire about three weeks after your examination.

7. Examination Results

When can I find out the results of my medical examination?▼
We try to provide the results in about one month from your examination.

Is it possible to reissue the results?▼
It is possible to issue a copy of last year's results. Please discuss it with the Medical Service Center.