Study Abroad Support

  1. Study Abroad Support

The Medical Service Center also supports students, faculty, and staff who go abroad for study, internships and voluntary activities. Depending on the country/region being visited, vaccinations may be required before traveling. To respond to these types of consultations, we have opened the “Travel Clinic”. Appointments are required so please contact us in advance.


The Department of Internal Medicine at the Medical Service Center provides medical consultations for people before they go abroad.
For those who plan to go abroad for study, internships, business trips, etc., we will provide regional consultations and vaccinations for infectious diseases. Vaccinations are not covered by health insurance. Please be aware that all charges will be at your own expense.

○Measures Against Infectious Diseases

  • Consultations with a Doctor
    Consultation on points to note before, during, and after travel
  • Vaccination (expenses not covered by health insurance).

    Vaccines Approved Domestically

    Hepatitis A vaccine, hepatitis B vaccine, etc.
    Please check the list of vaccines provided at the Medical Service Center.

    Vaccines Unapproved Domestically (Imported Vaccines)

    Rabies vaccine, Tdap, etc.
    Please check the list of vaccines provided at the Medical Service Center.

  • Blood Tests (expenses not covered by insurance).
    When necessary, a blood test will be performed to check for antibodies.

○Issuing Certificates of Health Required for Overseas Travel

Issuing Certificates of Health necessary for studying abroad (However, this may not be possible depending on the content. In addition, if you do not take a periodic Medical Examination at our university, we will not issue a Certificate of Health.)

※Vaccinations are not automatically given to all applicants upon request, but will only be given if the doctor determines that it is necessary based on the health condition of the applicant and the risks associated with travel (expenses not covered by insurance). We regret that we may not be able to provide some vaccines that you would like. In addition, many vaccines require multiple vaccinations with a certain interval, or may take some time for the effects to appear, so please consult with us well ahead of time.

Consultation Process

○Who is Eligible

People affiliated with Ritsumeikan University
  • 1. Students: Those taking study abroad programs or participating in overseas internships
  • 2. Faculty and Staff: Those taking overseas business trips due to school affairs

○Consultation Process

  • STEP1

    Please bring the following documents with you to the Medical Service Center reception during reception hours.

    • University ID (student ID, faculty or staff ID)
    • ”Maternal and child Health Handbook” (original), official documents certifying vaccination (those with the stamp or signature of the doctor performing the procedure).
    • Travel plan; information showing the destination, period and type of stay.
    • The format of the English Certificate of Health form (Immunization Form) required by the university/institution to be attended.

    ※If you are currently being treated for an illness or are under observation, please bring a medicine notebook or other items that show the details of any oral medication, injections, etc. that you are taking.
    Please obtain permission from your primary care physician before getting a vaccination.

  • STEP2

    After confirming the required documents, we will inform you if any additional items are necessary.

    We will make an appointment for your first visit and issue an appointment slip.

    ※In cases when there is not enough time remaining before the deadline for submission of documents verifying your vaccination, or your date of travel, or if you require a vaccine that we do not handle, we may recommend that you get your vaccination at other medical institution.

  • STEP3

    Your first visit will be conducted by a doctor on the date and time of your appointment.

    The schedule for various tests and vaccinations and the next and subsequent appointments will be decided as necessary.

    ※Your requested consultation may be completed at the first consultation,
    but depending on the vaccine that you will have, it may take a few months to be completed

    For details, please contact one of the Medical Service Centers located at each campus.


  • Please fill out the pre-vaccination form before having a vaccination. We will give you the form in advance.
    Please click here.
  • Students under the age of 20 must obtain the signed consent of their guardian.
  • Students wishing to have an imported vaccine must obtain the signed consent of their guardian, regardless of age.
  • Please check here for the consent form for imported vaccines.
  • If you need a Certificate of Health in English, we will make a certificate on the day that all vaccinations are completed. (You can pick up your certificate the next day.)

Travel Destination Information

Necessary precautions differ depending on the travel destination. Check the travel destination information by referring to the URL below.

Required Vaccinations

Some host universities require certain vaccinations (Required Immunization).

Precautions for Vaccinations

Depending on whether you are ill and your current physical condition, you may not be able to have some vaccines.
Check with your doctor if you have any illness during treatments or follow-ups.
Those with a fever of 37.5℃ or higher cannot be given a vaccination.
You cannot have a live vaccine if you are pregnant. Contraception is required for 2 months after receiving a live vaccine.
Those who have had an allergic reaction to any components of a vaccine should be careful of receiving the same vaccine.

Precautions After Vaccinations

Sudden side effects may occur within 30 minutes after the vaccination so please stay in the Medical Service Center and monitor your condition keeping a look out for any abnormalities before you go home.

On the day of vaccination, besides keeping the area of the injection clean, carry on with your day as usual.
You can take a bath, but refrain from rubbing the area of the injection.

Avoid strenuous exercise and heavy drinking.
Should you experience any unusual symptoms such as a high fever or convulsions, please contact us immediately.

Principles of Vaccinations

In principle, people should only have one vaccine per day. Multiple types of simultaneous vaccinations are possible when the doctor deems it necessary.
If you will have more than two types of vaccines that have not been mixed in advance, after a live vaccine, please leave at least 27 days before the next live vaccine.
Hepatitis A and hepatitis B are not expected to be effective without all three vaccinations being completed. Please ensure that you have completed at least two vaccinations by your departure.

E.g. Hepatitis A Vaccine: Have 1st vaccination → wait 2-4 weeks → have 2nd vaccination → wait 24 weeks → have 3rd vaccination

Vaccines Unapproved Domestically (Imported Vaccines)

There are vaccines that are commonly used overseas but not approved in Japan. Ritsumeikan University allows the use of some of these, but the permission of your guardian is required for use. Please check the consultation pattern for the consent form for imported vaccines.