RCAPSカレント・リサーチ・セミナー *ROBERT C. SALAZAR先生


日時: 2013年6月10日(月) 14:15~15:50講演タイトル: "ADL Research Presentation:
Climate Change Discourse and Practice: More Fun in the Philippines?"
場所: プレゼンテーションルーム ライブラリー 1階 @APU
講師: ROBERT C. SALAZAR先生 (APU, アジア太平洋学部教授)
言語: 英語


Abstract:In the Philippines, there has been some amount of talk and, fortunately, some amount of action too, about climate change.
We ask: What is being said and done about climate change? How is climate change being framed and acted upon? Why and how are these developments unfolding? How do these discourses and practices reflect sociocultural dynamics?
The seminar presents selected climate change-related views, voices, and vignettes from the country. It attempts an understanding of these realities by drawing from institutional theories of organization, social constructionism, critical discourse analysis, and social movement theory.
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